Expense Tracker: Expense Manager & Family Budget App

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Expense Tracker: Expense Manager & Family Budget App

Expense tracker software to automatically monitor expenses and manage family budgets based on banks, credit cards, e-wallets and company SMS notifications. FinArt saves you time in life for more meaningful stuff.

With a 5-day free trial, FinArt expense manager is free to download, so you can test all the pro features before you decide to enter.

Primary characteristics

Track Costs

Know your income and expenditures

Household budget preparation

Get bill reminders that are due

Track active subscriptions

Instantly check account balance

Detailed List of Functions

• Controller of expenses

Automatically monitor spending based on SMS alerts obtained from banks, credit cards and businesses for each purchase. Manual entries are also allowed by the Expense Tracker.

• Planner of family budget

Plan the household budget to save money for life priorities, like category wise budget, such as child education, retirement, etc.

Bill reminders •

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