Carbon Photo Lab - Double Exposure Blending Effect App

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Carbon Photo Lab - Double Exposure Blending Effect App

Carbon - Photo Mixing uses threshold effects to transform the images into artworks (Popularly known as Galaxy Effect). Just try now!

Looking for your images to have a fresh and creative impact?

Compose and create a seamless scene using carbons with different thresholds, color changes, photo merging, photo mixing with different patterns. Loads of backgrounds to combine your images, completely loaded with innovative graphic elements - one single picture will generate 100s of mood effects.

Using innovative graphic elements such as categorized backgrounds, colors, stickers, text etc and Standout from the croud by updating your spectacular creation on social media, make a special picture blending, photo mixing, double exposure, multi exposure, blending, mixing, overlays or superimpose photo in a different way. To make any photo amazing, Carbon has everything you need. With simple and efficient editing tools like double exposure, it makes your images beautiful.

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